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Even patients who receive regular chiropractic care themselves don’t always realize how beneficial chiropractic care can be for infants and children. But children have spines and nervous systems just like we do, and nervous system interference can cause pain and dysfunction for them as well. Even the birth process itself can cause misalignments in the spine. This is why we offer pediatric chiropractic in Merrill WI.

The Benefits of Chiropractic for Kids in Merrill WI

By correcting spinal alignment in babies and children, we can help restore proper nerve function, which allows for optimal growth and development, as well as alleviation of many common childhood issues like:

  • Bedwetting
  • Ear infections
  • Reflux
  • Sleep problems
  • Torticollis

In addition, when your child’s nervous system functions as it should, all systems of the body function better, including the immune system. We treated one young boy who was always so sick every winter that he spent lots of time in the ER with different serious illnesses. Finally, his mother brought him to see us. After our course of care, his immune system began functioning better and he’s been healthy ever since.

Adjustments for Children

We use very gentle adjusting techniques on children. With infants, it’s a no-force technique that simply involves a sustained touch on the misaligned segment of the spine. For older kids, we will use the best adjusting technique for their needs, with a very light amount of pressure. All adjustments for kids (and adults, too!) are totally safe.

And since we’re a family clinic that caters to kids, we’re set up for their total comfort. We have a play area and toys, and we are great at putting kids at ease before their first adjustment. We’ll never force a child to get adjusted, and if they’re too nervous the first time, that’s fine. We’ll just work on building trust with them and adjust them when and how they’re ready—even if that’s while they’re playing in the reception area.

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