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At The Chiropractic Wellness Center, we are committed to offering the best, most advanced chiropractic techniques and technologies. In addition to computerized nerve scanning technology, we are pleased to offer Pro-Adjuster computerized chiropractic analysis and adjustments in Merrill WI.

What Does the Pro-Adjuster Do?

The hand-held Pro-Adjuster device uses the same advanced sensor technology that NASA uses to analyze motion in the joint or spinal segment. If a segment is misaligned or immobile, the Pro-Adjuster recognizes that. We then adjust the segment with the same device, which delivers a series of very rapid, very low-force vibrational impulses into that joint to stimulate movement. We then re-scan the segment after adjusting it to ensure the joint is moving.

We can also work on the muscles in a similar fashion using the Pro-Adjuster. When we get the soft tissue mobilized, it helps your body “hold” the adjustment longer and helps retrain your spine to maintain proper alignment.

Care for Everyone

The Pro-Adjuster is an excellent option for patients who don’t like or tolerate manual adjustments or who don’t like the popping or clicking sounds associated with some types of adjustment. For patients with certain conditions, manual adjustments are contra-indicated, and the Pro-Adjuster is a great low-force option that doesn’t require any twisting and doesn’t produce any popping or cracking sounds.

Additionally, patients can see on the sensor where misalignments are and how their adjustment restored mobility to the segment.

Specialized Care for You in Merrill WI

Our goal is to get you moving better, and then keep you healthy for life with outstanding holistic wellness care for the whole family. INSiGHT™ scanning technology allows us to locate nervous system interference using safe, painless thermal scans. The Pro-Adjuster allows us to identify and correct the specific spinal bones that are out of alignment. These cutting-edge tools help us provide the best, most individualized chiropractic care to our patients of all ages.

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